What is raw hair? 

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed human hair from one donor. All cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction. Raw hair comes in 3 natural textures: Wavy, Straight, and Curly. Since raw hair is in its most natural state each bundle is unique which means no two bundles are exactly the same. The differences in bundles are not noticeable enough for the hair to not blend. 


How is raw hair different from virgin and synthetic mixed hair? 

Unlike Raw hair, virgin hair (ex: Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian) and mixed hair is steamed to achieve different hair textures (ex: Body Wave). Most of the time virgin hair has been chemically processed to achieve a certain hair color and texture. This type of hair does not last as long as Raw human hair. 


Why are raw hair so expensive? 

You know that saying – You get what you pay for? Apparently, that’s right. Raw hair is rare and it is also the BEST hair quality on the market. 

Luckily, we will have sales throughout the year.  

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Does Raw hair require maintenance? 

Absolutely! You will care for your raw hair like you care for your real hair. Read our hair care page to learn how you should care for your hair.  


Can I bleach/dye the hair? 

Yes! Our hair can be colored and/or bleached at any level desired as it is 100% unprocessed raw human hair. However, be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized. 


How many bundles do I need? 

For lengths 12-14 you will need 2-3 bundles. For lengths longer than 16 inches you will need 3 to 4 bundles depending on how full you would like your hair. 

Each bundles weighs 3.5 ounces (100g). Keep in mind that since the hair is sold by total weight the rule is: “The longer the hair, the shorter the weft.” 


How long will the hair last? 

With good maintenance and proper care, our hair can last 3-5 years, but remember it is determined by how well the hair is taken care of. Remember that excessive heat and/or color can result in the reduction of the natural pattern of the hair.  


Does this hair shed? 

It is also normal to get a few strands here and there, but raw hair is entitled to experience minimum shedding. However, to prevent any shedding, we recommend that upon the installation, you stitch AROUNG the weft and not through the weft. Also, if you cut your tracks, you may experience shedding due to the fact the weft is now broken and strands are easier to slide out. Remember, proper maintenance is extremely important and advised.  


How often do you restock? 

Once a month 

Twice a month during special holidays (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.)